Despicable Me for PC: The Minions Are Coming!

Cartoons make the fun games perfect to play. And when it is about minions, things get even funnier. These tiny yellow figures resembling banana makes cute and cheerful gameplay, which is hard to downplay.

But sadly, there are no decent Minion games available on the PC for Windows 7 and previous versions or for the later additions. Despicable Me is one such brilliant game for smartphones and tablet PCs which is available for some time now.

However, there are ways to get it up and running on your PC. How is the process to achieve this? Let us have a look.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The game is inspired from the first two animated movies with the same name and also features the same villains. Minions serve the most despicable masters and are willing to do anything but often end up causing more trouble than good (often in hilarious ways).

This is well portrayed in the game. You start off as a run-off-the mill minion competing with others to win “Minion of the Year” award. It is an endless runner game like Temple Run with swipe controls. Obstacles are there to throw you off your track along with various power ups.

You have to collect bananas and complete objectives before moving from one level to another. There are occasions when you have to face a boss villain, which will launch certain movable objects to throw you off your track which you either need to dodge or to hit them.

In-game features include various power ups such as increase in size and strength, a unicorn ride to collect loads of bananas, freeze ray gun, rockets, etc. There are various other characters which can be purchased or unlocked and played with.

However this is where in-app purchases comes in. Though the game is not “pay to win” by design. The environment is quite meticulously crafted with enough details and the minion’s traditional “happy go lucky” aura is maintained.

With this in our knowledge, let us have a look at how we can run the game on PC.

Getting Despicable Me For PC:

In order to run the game on PC, you will need software which can emulate Android apps on Windows. Bluestacks is one such client that can run Android games on Windows with Google play store access. The steps can be outlined as follows:

  • Once installed, set your preferences such as default language. Next enter your Google ID and password (Your Gmail ID and password would do as well).
  • You will be at the home screen from where you need to type “Despicable Me” on the top search bar and search for the game.
  • Bluestacks will take you straight to the play store page from where you need to click on the “Install” button.
  • Come back to home screen and you can see the icon. Click on it to launch the game. The game may additionally download data as well.

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